Glows in the dark. Coating absorbs and stores light and dark emits it as a phosphorescent emission. Provides brightness and glow of objects at night for a few hours. Used to indicate the fire exits , evacuation routes , safety equipment , obstacles in underground tunnels . Can be used on road signs and warning labels in theatrical scenery , to children`s toys , helmets , motorcycles, switches , stairwells , garages , discotheques , dance halls , etc. Application: Apply on dry skim the surface. Before working Shake the can . Sprayed from a distance of 20 cm RECOMMENDATIONS : To increase the brightness, the surface should be primed with a white spray - paint Bosnia- 1007. To enhance the durability is recommended to put on top of phosphorescent paint spray acrylic varnish number 190. Size: 200 ml x 6 pcs.

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